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Z Tapes


by Birdspotter

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nofatclips 2nd listen: half an hour of the most wholesome music I've heard lately. So, would it be okay if I stay with you today?

1st listen: relaxing pop music that will sometimes make you shake la derriere; can be enjoyed in the foreground as well as in the background Favorite track: Return.
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This CD 💿 Here Is So Great 🙂

Such Good Dreampop/Indie/Folk

Good To Play When Waking Up
Good To Play When Reading a Newspaper 🗞
Or So Good If Ya Love Great Music In Generally 🎶 etc ......

So Fab-Fuckin-tastic 😍
5 Beers 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻
Out Of 5 Beers 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻 🍻

... Favorite track: Peaceful Man.
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Peaceful Man 04:12
“Have you ever lost a friend? Do you ever wonder what miserly revelation Is lurking down the bend?” Well I say “Ted don’t tempt me You know I’d never think such earthly things, At least not since Julie left me.” I see two men hitchhiking on the shoulder of the interstate But I’m preoccupied with the question. So when I let Ted off at the depot parking lot I take a long drive in a new direction. Alarm! Alarm, alarm! Hotel bar, week in the car. Alarm! Alarm, alarm! Hotel, week in the car. And I start thinking to myself Is there a point in this suffering? Am I just acting out my conditioning? Driving Fargo to Michigan. Counting streetlights at dawn When I see two men fighting to death on the shoulder of the interstate. Goddammit I’m a peaceful man But goddamn I gotta do what I can.
Water 02:24
“There’s water way out past all of the water that we’re looking at,” Cherry says to me that it’s all a mystery “I believe that there’s something fishy here” And she laughs And i start to laugh also “It’s water either way you go” i start to tell her Then stop I know cherry decides who to languish beside It is an honor A mystery Probably proof the lord’s existing But no God would let the railway workers’ union collapse And I am still fitting both pieces together Then in the water I see Cherry, I see reflected airplanes scatter in her wake and form again. Man you know they used to make those things in America.
White noise flickers on and off the phone But you don't wanna be alone Well me neither! There's something latent in your whisper Nobody's grateful for disaster But I know you gotta go and you know I'm gonna come home Brown eyes flicker underneath the frames Well it's nice to be back again But I get anxious Is something awful in the distance? There's something aching in my instinct But we got some food to grow and a whole life to call our own
Return 03:13
Have you looked long into the hearts of evil men? Have you looked long into the peach pit, July sunset? Have you walked through West Philadelphia In the acid rain, Wondering if your lover could return again? Well anything can happen. So would it be okay if I stay with you today? Won’t you Come away from narcissistic reflections? Aren’t I somebody here to receive you? Well I could be a friend If you need someone to confide in, Or another fool to fight it out against. Well anything can happen. So would it be okay if I stay with you today?
Long Seasons 01:38
Catch cherry sweating on the front lawn Heart heavy ever since the air’s gone I ask her ‘dont you wanna go in?’ She’s hopin i’ll linger for the evening Watch neighbors packing in the carports Hot weather chasing everyone north Long season’s blessing for the whole street Long seasons only if we’re lucky
Rumi 03:29
I don’t think that Anyone knew him like I did. In the morning he placed freesias In the window Pain he felt would not mend, Trimming the flowers to their stems. Did anyone know him like I did? In the summer he played Banjo by the ocean. Pain I felt would not mend, Trimming the flowers to their stems. I don’t think that Anyone knew him like I did. In the evening I plant lilacs By the willow. Marks a grave, marked our names. But the stone says: “Only God can save.” I’ll meet you there.
Love is a party / in a small room: Charming and crowded / smells of your perfume The noise is a grey cloud / dense and dreary I watch your lips move / hope that you hear me And then when it winds down, I stumble outside Find you on the sidewalk Making familiar the morning I said, "hey I had a good time tonight" You said, "hey me too" I said, "we can hang around and watch the sun come up if you want to?" And so we sat and talked some more I tucked your voice between my ears I let it teach me sweetly- As long as I'm with you, Love is a party
2am Music 01:48


released October 2, 2020

all music written, recorded, and mixed by Birdspotter

mastered by Terrin /

Braeden Reinoso drums on all songs except for Grateful/Disaster (he is a part of Birdspotter but he recorded drums remotely in a herculean effort worth highlighting; Nick wrote+recorded the drums for Grateful/Disaster and it deserves mention that he prototyped/demoed a lot of the drum parts before Braeden was able to record final versions)

cover art also by Birdspotter! (Nick took the pic, Chris drew the lines)

special thanks to Sam Shopp, Sam Mayer, and Hayden Kesterson, all of who would have worked on this album much more closely if not for covid. We had all been playing together as Birdspotter and set out to record these songs as a group, but circumstances shifted and that became impossible. Their influence is felt across the album and their presence, ideas, and voices are missed deeply. Here is a kiss for you each, Sam, Sam, and Hayden :3 :3 :3

ZT160 ~ Z Tapes Records ~ 2020


all rights reserved



Birdspotter Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

kind music

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